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The Board Game Design Virtual Summit 2023 is here!

Well, almost here. Tickets are available for the event now and the Summit will take place from February 21st to 27th.

The event is hosted by Joe Slack, one of Protospiel Online’s excellent moderators.

The Board Game Design Virtual Summit is a multi-day game design event, featuring interviews with industry experts, live Q&A panels, and more!

It’s got insightful interviews with a dozen incredible guests.


AZHELLE WADE Pitching Toy-like Games & Working with Mass Market Publishers
LESLIE SCOTT Exploring Why Jenga was Such a Hit
GABE BARRETT How to Find Time to Work on Games


BRUNO CATHALA Bruno's Game Design Process
ALAN MOON Persistence Pays Off


JUSTIN DE WITT How to Pitch Your Game to Publishers
ALEX RADCLIFFE Where Crowdfunding is Heading Next
MATT McKEAN Shipping & Fulfillment Explained


ANDREW LOWEN The Most Effective Ways to Market Your Board Game
DINA RAMSE How to Hire and Work with a Marketing Specialist
ORI KAGAN What Makes a Great Crowdfunding Video

You can attend the event absolutely free or you can purchase a pass that will give you access to all the interviews, bonus interviews, and the live Q&A panel (plus replays) for life!

If you know anything about Joe, or have read one of his game design books, or played some of his games, or received feedback from him on one of your designs, then you’ll know he offers a rich experience for game designers. The Board Game Design Summit is a unique opportunity to learn from others who have a lot of experience in the industry.

Early bird tickets are on sale until 2/7/23.

Pick your pass for the event, Feb 21st through Feb 27th!

📣Announcements Announcements Annooouuuncements!

  • Juliet Smith brought Photographic World to Protospiel Online in August 2022 and Jan 2023, and it is now live on Kickstarter!
  • Travis Jones and the team from Xplody Games brought Alynthia to Protospiel Online in August 2022, and it, too, is now live on Kickstarter!

More on these games coming soon!
🎉 Congrats! 🎉

  • Our livestream prize giveaway for the January 2023 Protospiel Online is on Saturday, Feb 4th at 3pm EST on Twitch. We will give away three prizes to live viewers. Hope to see you there!

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more awesome events, community opportunities, and updates about games tested at Protospiel!


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