Play Amoebunnies Live at Dice Tower East! -- Community Newsletter Issue 11

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Emily Vincent here.

Designing a game is a journey with an uncertain end state and time frame. Some games come together in weeks and others take years. And you're never quite sure what "done" looks like. But it's the passion for creation that keeps us iterating and brings us back to the table again and again. I love to hear about other designers' journeys. Everyone's journey is different and each one inspires me to keep pushing forward in my journey.

Amoebunnies on Tour!

Designers Darcy Taj and Jamie Browne have been on their journey with Amoebunnies since 2011 when Darcy drew the first amoebunny in her sketchbook. While they explored a mobile game a number of years ago, it wasn't until late 2021 that they focused in on a board game. Darcy and Jamie are excited to bring their third (and hopefully final) prototype of Amoebunnies to the public at three conventions this spring and summer. So far this year, they've been at the Dice Tower Cruise 2023 and BGG Spring. Next up is Dice Tower East in Orlando, Florida, July 5th through 9th!

At these conventions, they've been showcasing their first Amoebunnies prototype with their new manufacturing partner, LongPack Games. LongPack Games has helped produce several well regarded games, and the Amoebunnies team is excited to see their game produced with the high quality that LongPack is known for.

Darcy and Jamie recently participated in Protospiel Online and got some great feedback on Amoebunnies. While they weren't able to implement any changes based on that feedback into this prototype (since the timing was so close), they are planning another iteration once they've finished attending these three conventions. After that, they'll be preparing for their funding campaign!

📣Announcements Announcements Annooouuuncements!

Our very own Kirsten Lunde, overnight LFG moderator extraordinaire, is launching her game Ovation on Kickstarter on June 20th! We'll share more about this game in our next issue.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more awesome events, community opportunities, and updates about games tested at Protospiel!


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