VelociRapture Launched! -- Community Newsletter Issue 18

Hey Reader!

Emily Vincent here.

As part of the Protospiel Online community, we get to see a HUGE range of games from our fellow designers. From long and crunchy Euro games to quiet thinky puzzles to fast and hilarious party games, the variety is amazing. And the games I've played at Protospiel Online are always memorable, no matter what type of game they are.

For me, VelociRapture is one of those hilariously memorable games. It was 10 minutes of absolute chaos, in which we "drew" cards and desperately coped while waiting for the world to end. I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt :-) I'm so excited to share this fabulous and newly published game with you!


Did you ever wonder what the dinosaurs were doing right before the end of the world? Xoe Allred has the answer to that question: they were busy playing Human Games! VelociRapture is a meta improv party game in which you play as game-loving dinosaurs who are avoiding contemplating their own mortality by playing Human Games before the world ends.

Each player plays as a dinosaur with a unique coping mechanism. After picking an end game trigger (like a timer or when your carpool arrives), the players try to complete as many Human Games as possible before The End. The joy in this game is in the experience, figuring out how to make sense of these silly Human Games while also fulfilling your coping mechanism.

Xoe brought VelociRapture to Protospiel Online a number of times, the first time being January 2023, and got a great deal of playtesting done within our community. It has gained a pretty strong reputation as a fun game full of hilarious hijinks.

From Xoe:

Just a hearty thank you for all the love and support this project has seen over the year. I'll never forget how much I laughed as chaos unfolded during playtests.

VelociRapture launched through Hollandspiele on September 26th – and already shipped to to customers! Now you too can cope with all of your dino friends!

📣Announcements Announcements Annooouuuncements!

Community member Sabrina Culyba of Ludoliminal recently launched Diatoms - A Game of Microscopic Proportions on Kickstarter, and it's already fully funded!

We're continuing to cheer this project on as it works to unlock its remaining stretch goals. This campaign has an intriguing bonus for backers at the $12 and up levels of keys to exclusive digital content and an invitation to help test the solo variant, Commissions, even as the KS campaign is still running. Digital rewards are delivered within 48 hours of backing the campaign.

It’s exciting to see an indie publisher working with to make this option available. If you enjoy solo board games, we encourage you to check it out and let us know how the experience goes for you.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more awesome events, community opportunities, and updates about games tested at Protospiel!


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